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About the Developers

We are the Pong Me development team. Pong Me was crafted with love by our strong, capable hands. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions! (but no criticisms...)

Kavdi Hodgson

Pull-up King, ok at soccer, might have a broken rib, Kavdi is the man with the plan and an attitude for gratitude. Likes winning ALL. THE. TIME. At ping-pong, at coding, at life in general. A world traveler with a passion for fashion. We all must give thanks to Kavdi.

David Franklin

Developer, Writer, and Veteran - My background is Java, Python, and Javascript. I am passionate about Projects and emerging trends in Science and Technology. I am currently based in the great city of Seattle.

Gabriel Meringolo

New York born software developer currently based out of Seattle, Washington. Driven individual with an attention to detail and an eye for front end design. Will write code for Mets tickets.

Shayne Smith

Husband, father, human-person. Originally from the dry-side of Washington State, Shayne has always had an eye for design. Focusing on frontend, UX/UI, and visual storytelling, Shayne strives to make each project he works on more visually amazing than the last. Also, he illustrates. If you like what you see here, go ahead and hit him up!